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Board Bonding Modules

Each module contains a powerpoint presentation.  Some modules also contain PDFs that can be used by the trainer to become familiarized with the content or can be used during the presentation as supporting materials.

***If you are having trouble viewing the powerpoints, click on the target you wish to see.  When prompted, choose save instead of open.  This will allow you to save the powerpoint to your computer and you will be able to open it from the folder you saved it in.***

1.  Conflict Resolution

This module discusses how to resolve conflict in a positive way.

Powerpoint: Resolving Conflict

Supporting PDFs:Process For Resolving Conflict

2.  Skillful Listening

The skillful listening module explores some keys of communication.

Powerpoint:  Skillful Listening

Supporting PDFs:  Reducing Defensive Behavior

3.  Collaboration

The collaboration module covers the benefits of working together in a group setting and how collaboration is beneficial in board work.

   Powerpoint:  Collaboration

   Supporting PDFs: Keys to Collaboration, Characteristics of Teams

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