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CSBG/MACA Partnership

Missouri's Department of Social Services, Family Support Division, works in partnership with the Missouri Association for Community Action (MACA) to strengthen and support the Missouri community Action Network. The Family Support Division administers and manages both the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Progrm (LIHEAP) and the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and contracts with Missouri's nineteen Community Action Agencies to fulfill the purposes of LIHEAP and  CSBG.


The Family Support Division and MACA Partnership is supported by a contract and funded with CSBG and LIHEAP resources.  By agreement MACA performs certain functions for the statewide Community Action Network such as training, technical assistance, coordination and communication among eligible entities, and information system management and reporting. 


It also assists the State and all eligible entities in measuring performance and results through the Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) system and supports other activities, consistent with the purposes of CSBG and LIHEAP. The Partnership also makes it possible for a nutrition education calendar to be produced and distributed annually to low-income Missouri families.  Below are some examples of activities funded by the Partnership:


  •             Internal ROMA Consultant Initiative
  •             Training and Conference Scholarships
  •             CSBG and LIHEAP Work Groups
  •             Community Action Agency Missouri Information System
  •             Certified Community Action Professional Training
  •             Step-Up to Leadership Train the Trainer
  •             Poverty Simulation Facilitator Training
  •             United in Purpose
  •             CSBG and LIHEAP Statewide Meetings
  •             Specialized Agency Technical Assistance


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