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Information Technology Professional Alliance (ITPA)

The Information Technology Professional Alliance has a three-fold purpose:

* To assist with the implementation of statewide MACA objectives.
* To provide/coordinate training sessions designed to enhance the skills needed to successfully implement and take
   advantage of Information Technology tools, features, and services throughout the Community Action Agencies in Missouri.
* To provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussion of issues pertinent to the strengthening of CAAs, MACA
   and this Professional Alliance.

Membership in the MACA-ITPA is open to all CAA employees who have Information Technology duties or related responsibilities, and whose MACA dues are current. Membership in the MACA-ITPA shall entitle the member to:

* Serve as an officer of the MACA-ITPA
* Serve as a MACA-ITPA Representative or Alternate to the MACA Annual Conference
* Participate in the election of MACA-ITPA officers and MACA Annual Conference Representatives/Alternates
* Participate in any other appropriate MACA-ITPA activities

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