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MIS Resources

The AESenginuity Guides (on the MIS Manuals page) provide details on the navigation of system pages and processes.  Those system manuals are the best place to start when looking for assistance on which page to use or how to complete a particular task. 

The documents on this page provide additional information for some of our customized processes, reports, and Missouri CAA information regarding the MIS. 

MIS Weekly Training Call Notes

Community Outcomes page instructions (1/2012)

How to Process a Debit or Credit.pdf (1/2012)

Common Application Reports (Right Click) (6/2008)

How To View & Respond To eFactory Tickets (9/2009)

HPRP Ad Hoc Service Report Instructions (5/2010)

MIS Agency Admin Team Roster (3/2012)

MIS Agency Administrator & Trainer Roles (1/2010)

MIS Application Roles and Pages (7/2009)

MIS Client Consent Release of Information (8/2010)

MIS Help Desk FAQ Page (6/2008)

MIS Management Flow Charts (6/2008)

MIS Management Report Overview And Common Uses (12/2009)

MIS Task Flow Charts (6/2008)

Setting Up Activities for Automatic Milestone Completion (9/2010)

Recording Services with Automatic Milestone Status Change (9/2010)
(Flash Video)

SQL Comparison Operators for Ad Hoc Reports (10/2008)

User Tips & Tricks PowerPoint (6/2010)

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