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About Management Information System (MIS)

The Community Action Agencies of the State of Missouri made a decision to implement a statewide automated client tracking system that will allow their 19 agencies across the state to more effectively and efficiently collect, maintain and report on the clients they serve, the programs they offer and the outcomes they achieve. The purpose of the MIS System is to result in a collection of information that provides a more effective method of achieving the common shared goal of helping the vulnerable achieve their potential and become self-sufficient.

Benefits derived from the implementation of the MIS System are:

  • Statewide data collection and reporting capabilities
  • Standard data element definitions, i.e. every agency is collecting the same information and reporting the same data.
  • Improves quality of customer service by reducing the number of times clients repeat sensitive and personal information.
  • A statewide system will provide a pool of subject matter experts within the agencies that can provide assistance across agency boundaries.

Available tools and resources for the MIS System:

AES Downloads

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MIS Newsletter 

MIS Resources

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