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Outreach Personnel Professional Alliance (OPPA)

The purpose of the Outreach Personnel Professional Alliance is:

·         To represent the interests of Community Action Outreach Personnel

·         To recognize and provide accreditation of Outreach Personnel: to promote excellence and professionalism in our community action agencies throughout the state of Missouri

·         To assist Outreach Personnel in keeping current within this body of knowledge through networking, training, special projects and other activities that will benefit its members

·         To receive and provide technical assistance and information and to act as an advisory committee to the MACA body , and further the goals and objectives of MACA

Membership in the MACA Outreach Management professional alliance is open to any Community Action outreach, field or support staff who have an interest in the goals of the professional alliance and whose MACA dues are current. Membership in the MACA Outreach Personnel professional alliance shall entitle the member to:

·         Serve as an officer of the MACA Outreach Personnel professional alliance

·         Serve as a MACA Outreach Personnel professional alliance Representative or Alternate to the MACA Annual  Conference

·          Participate in the election of MACA Outreach Personnel professional alliance officers and MACA Annual Conference Representatives/Alternates

·         Participate in any other appropriate MACA Outreach  Personnel professional alliance activities

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