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Board Training Modules

Each module contains a powerpoint presentation.  Some modules also contain PDFs that can be used by the trainer to become familiarized with the content or can be used during the presentation as supporting materials.

***If you are having trouble viewing the powerpoints, click on the target you wish to see.  When prompted, choose save instead of open.  This will allow you to save the powerpoint to your computer and you will be able to open it from the folder you saved it in.***

1. Introduction to Community Action Agencies

This module is an introduction to community action.  It covers topics such as the Economic Opportunity Act, CSBG and tripartite boards.

Powerpoint: Board Training Updated

Trainer notes: Trainer Notes-Community Action

2.  Roles and Responsibilities

This module covers the responsibilities of board members and of non-profit boards.

Powerpoint: Board Training Orientation Roles Responsibilities

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-Roles and Responsibilities

Supporting PDFs:Fully ParticipateRelationship Board Executive Director, Board Member Responsibilities, Board & Executive Expectations, 10 Responsibilities, Standards Of Conduct

3.  Introduction to Financial Management

This module presents an introduction to basic financial principles needed to understand budgets and financial reports.

Powerpoint:  Board Training Orientation Financial Management

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-Financial Management

Supporting PDFs:Common Terms In Accounting, Financial Management, What I Need To Know About My CAA's Budgets, What I Need To Know About My CAA's Financial Statements

4.  Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure and Sunshine Law

This module explains the use of parliamentary procedure and Sunshine Law.

Powerpoint:  Board Training Orientation Parliamentary Procedure Sunshine Law

Trainer notes: Trainer Notes-Parliamentary Procedure

Supporting PDFs:Parliamentary Procedure

5.  Governance

This module goes over the finer points of governance by looking at the Governance Excellence Model (G.E.M.)

Powerpoint:  Board Training Orientation Governance

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-Governance

Supporting PDFs:Governance-Excellence-Model-booklet, Seven Disciplines

See also:  The Imperfect Board

6.  Introduction to Corporations

This module covers different types of corporations and how CAA's and other non-profits fit into the corporate sphere.

Powerpoint:  Board Training Orientation Corporations

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-Corporations

7.  Introduction to Head Start

This module explains Head Start, one of the many programs of CAA's.

Powerpoint: Board Training Orientation Head Start

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-Head Start

Supporting PDFs:Head Start Organization, HS Fact Sheet

8.  Introduction to ROMA

This module explores ROMA and how it benefits CAAs.

Powerpoint:  Board Training ROMA

Trainer notes:  Trainer Notes-ROMA

Supporting PDFs:  Six National Goals

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