“Above and beyond”: NECAC Healthy Homes

 Post written by Brent Engel, NECAC Public Relations Officer 

A client from Lincoln County praised North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC) and a weatherization crew for answering her prayers by going “above and beyond my expectations.”

The comments are contained in a letter the client sent to the agency on Aug. 17.

“I am so grateful for all the work on my home,” she said.  “I  have  never  experienced  people who really care about someone they had never met. But all at NECAC really do care!!!”

The client has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and has trouble breathing. The weatherization program installed an energy-efficient furnace, an upgraded ventilation system, added a new thermostat and replaced two doors.

During the project, the client’s hot water heater malfunctioned. After going through the manual, she tried repairing it herself but couldn’t.

“I started praying and for two-and-a-half weeks I prayed Jesus would send help because I did not have the money to hire help,” the client said. “I was praying and (heard) a knock on my door.”

Two NECAC weatherization crew members had returned to check on installation of the ventilation system. The client told them about the hot water heater. The crew made sure the gas valve was replaced and got the hot heater working again.

“So you see Jesus sent NECAC workers to help me,” she said.

NECAC personnel were “very respectful and explained all the repairs they were working on,” the client wrote. “All the men were very professional, knowledgeable, concerned for not only my home, but my health as well. Very caring and humble men, indeed.”

The client specifically cited Weatherization Director Ken Schneidler, Weatherization Auditor Joe Findley and Crew Leader Eric Benn for their efforts. She has already noticed a $30 reduction in her utility bill, and says the doors and hot water heater are wonderful.

“I would like to thank everyone of you so very much from the bottom of my heart,” the client wrote.

Feature photo: Healthy Homes Initiative client Janice Adams walks out into the garage of her house. Also pictured is NECAC Weatherization Crew Member Curtis Biggs.

The purpose of Healthy Homes is to give patients, recently returning home from the hospital, the opportunity to recover in a healthy environment. Two Community Action Agencies, Community Action Agency of St. Louis County and North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC), partnered with SSM Hospitals to improve recovery rates of recently discharged patients through education and improved home air quality. Learn more about the program in a presentation here

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