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Braithwait & McCann Living History

Charles Braithwait was a Community Action pioneer from Missouri. This open letter is written by his friend a colleague, Charles H. McCann, CCAP Emeritus, LBJ’08

An Open Letter to Community Action:

October 25, 2016, is the second anniversary of the passing of Community Action hero and legend, Charles Braithwait, CCAP Emeritus, LBJ’96.  As many of you know, Charles and I traveled around the country for many years to present a living history of Community Action that covered every administration beginning with President John F. Kennedy, and included Charles’ successful suit against President Richard M. Nixon which saved Community Action in 1973. 

Our last live presentation with audience was in Barbourville, Kentucky, December 16, 2011.  Travel that trip was very difficult for Charles, so after consideration and planning, we filmed the presentation at Charles and Sandra’s home in rural Lowry City, Missouri, September 15-16, 2012. 

To paraphrase a favorite historian, Allan Nevins: Seated at a roaring loom for over fifty years, time has woven a seamless garment of Community Action, but that garment is invisible and intangible except where the dyes of history fall upon it to preserve it forever for generations to come. 

I hope the Braithwait & McCann Living History being released in his memory on YouTube today will preserve forever Charles Braithwait’s magnificent passion for Community Action and his substantial meaningful contributions over fifty years.  

All the best,

Charles H. McCann, CCAP Emeritus, LBJ’08

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