Missouri CAN Membership Campaign Launches Today!

I CAN, We CAN, Missouri CAN!

Today, we are launching our 2016-2017 Membership Campaign themed "I CAN, We CAN, Missouri CAN." Community Action staff: help us recruit new Missouri CAN Members from your agency with our "Member Get a Member" incentive.


Time Frame: December 15, 2016 to March 15, 2017 Incentive: At the 2017 Missouri CAN Conference in April, there will be two "Member Get a Member" prize drawings for a $100 gift card: The first $100 prize will be for those current members who recruit new members. For every person you recruit to become a member, you will have your name entered for this prize. So, if you recruit 10 new members, your name goes into the drawing 10 times. The second $100 prize will be drawn from all existing Missouri CAN Members. If you’ve been a member for 10 years or 10 days, you have an equal chance to win. 

To Recruit New Members: 

  • + Show your Missouri CAN pride. Each agency has a designated membership campaign contact person. Get in touch with them for Missouri CAN promotion materials.
  • + Share your experiences. Are you passionate about advocating for low-income Missourians in your community? Have you attended an awesome Missouri CAN Annual Conference? Share what being a Missouri CAN Member means to you, and why they should join our Network! 
  • + Share the flyer. Share this membership campaign flyer here which highlights the campaign member benefits. They can also find more information and details at MissouriCAN.org/member
  • + Success! They want to join - now what? Your new recruits should fill out this Missouri CAN Member form, email their form to tguittar@communityaction.org, and follow your agency's Missouri CAN Member procedures. **To be entered into the first prize drawing, be sure to email your name and the new member’s name to Terra Guittar, tguittar@communityaction.org. 

We know we can count on you to add more voices to achieve the Missouri Community Action Network vision - a state where ALL people and communities thrive. Thank you for your continued support! 

*please note, there is a separate overall agency contest as well, details on the flyer. 

If you do not work for Community Action, but are interested in supporting Missouri CAN through membership, become a Missouri CAN Supporter! Learn more here

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