MVCAA ‘Feed the Funnel’ to assist locals in need

Approximately 80 Missouri Valley Community Action Agency staff members will be “on the line” to assemble thousands of non-perishable meals for members of the community on Friday, May 12.

The goal is to assemble 20,000 meals in two hours to feed neighbors across the seven-county service area for MVCAA. Assembly will begin at 1 p.m. at the Martin Community Center, in Marshall.

“There are many people who are going hungry and they’re our neighbors right here in Saline County and the six other counties we serve,” a press release from MVCAA states. “We are providing a product and the manpower, plus 25 cents a meal, to assemble the meals. Then we are giving the meals to our ‘neighbor’ agencies, schools and churches in our area to distribute to the people they know need help.”

Distribution numbers submitted so far include: 200 to Marshall Public Schools, including the HOOT Resource Center and Safe Program; six to Orearville Elementary School; 1,000 to Marshall Senior Center, 1,000 to Marshall Food Pantry, 200 to Sweet Springs Food Pantry; 30 to Marshall Health Department; 30 to Slater Food Pantry; and 50 to a local church.

The assembly line process was developed by The Pack Shack to provide non-perishable meals that only require adding water before eating.

“The Pack Shack gets people together for crazy fun ‘Feed the Funnel’ parties to pack delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare meals that are given to hunger relief groups in the communities in which the parties take place,” The Pack Shack’s website states. “Meals consist of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and 19 vitamins and minerals.”

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