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2016 State of the State: Poverty in Missouri

This report is a comprehensive and concise snapshot of poverty in Missouri. View the report to the left, and download the report by clicking below. Download the free report to unlock full access to embedded links with original data sources and printing. 

This report is a compiled in collaboration with the Missourians to End Poverty Coalition by the Missouri Community Action Network (formerly Missouri Association for Community Action). Missouri CAN used its proprietary Community Needs Assessment Tool, a cloud-based data tool that pulls data from a wide-variety of sources. To learn more about the tool or to purchase, click here

How to Use this Report

This report is a concise snapshot of poverty in Missouri. It is the hope of Missourians to End Poverty (MEP) that presenting the facts of poverty will lead to a better awareness and understanding about the realities of poverty. This publication does not provide any specific policy solutions. Rather, it is a comprehensive resource compiled from the latest available public information on poverty (at the time of publication, February 2015).

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2014 State of the State: Poverty in Missouri

Missourians to End Poverty envisions a just society of shared responsibility by individuals, communities, businesses and government where all people are respected. This report exists to identify key issues surrounding poverty. See MACA's advocacy for solutions to these issues.