Sign the Petition! Stand up for the needs of low-income Americans

from the Coalition on Human Needs

Congress is ramping up to make cuts

Your organization/you as an individual can still sign a letter to hold the line against harm to low-income people. Here's why it matters so much that you do:

We can’t remember a time when the future of human needs programs and policies was in such critical danger. But if we organize, if we stand united, and if we support each other - we can win!

Sign the letter: new deadline, January 19.  When many organizations nationwide sign a statement in defense of low-income people and the services they need, it shows Congress that there are numerous, well-organized constituents who care and will take action. Perhaps most important, it sends a message to the Senators whose votes are essential if we are to block an unprecedented effort to weaken services low-income people need.  It tells them we're united and we will support their efforts. Please don’t underestimate the need to encourage Senators to hold firm in defense of vulnerable people and needed programs.  And please don’t fail to see how much more likely harsh cuts are if service providers, faith groups, and other advocates remain silent or think they’re better off going it alone.- so read our letter and, if you represent an organization, please sign it. If you want to stand up and be counted as an individual, please sign the petition.

Standing together and speaking out matters!  

The House of Representatives just abandoned a plan to weaken oversight of Congressional ethics because of an outpouring of opposition from constituents. Congress needs to know that key constituents oppose cuts to key safety net programs:  health care law, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, and much more.  The letter says that.  Note:  the letter uses the theme SAVE for All (Strengthening America's Economy and Values for All), which has been the heading for several letters and statements in the past signed by thousands of groups.  SAVE for All is not an organization, but a statement of principles - protecting low-income and vulnerable people and responsible, equitable investments and budgeting are key ongoing principles.  Standing for these has never been more important.

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